Yoga: “Source of Life”


The word “YOGA” is derived from sanskrit word “YUJ” which means union of individual conciousness or soul with universal conciousness or spirit. Yoga is a 5000 thousand year old Indian body of knowledge. Yoga works on the level of one’s body, mind, emotion and energy. This has given rise to four broad classification of yoga:

  • KARMA yoga
  • BHAKTI yoga
  • GYANA yoga
  • KRIYA yoga


Benefits of yoga:

Yoga is a very beneficial tool in today HECTIC LIFE. Yoga is beneficial in curing tension, various life threating diseases and many more health related issues.The main benefit of yoga is making perfect in every stage of life. Yoga not only makes us physically strong but also provides us with mental and spiritual strength.


Physical benefits refers to the primary stage benefits of yoga practices. If we follow yoga practices on a regular basis in our daily routine life, we can easily get rid of various life threatning issues. We can expect long life, attractive and strong physique and very good level of flexibility in our body.




As a new initiative is taken by Indian government to have a control over black money, Pm Narendra Modi ji has banned the use of old 500 and 1000 rupees notes. A new dawn of cashless economy is starting in the country which is increasing the use of digital wallets and the online payment options to have transaction of money in daily routine marketing as well for small trading or business payment in the market.


As we are moving towards cashless economy, we are not much familiar with the options we have for online transactions. People are facing a lot of problems while having transactions online especially our rural area population.


In the direction of cashless economy, people are opting the option of making payment through debit cards or credit cards or net banking. The option of making payment through card  is within the reach of almost every person. Some shopkeepers and traders also started to keep swipe machine to have payment through debit or credit cards.


Despite of this option, one more beneficial method of having transactions is through DIGITAL WALLETS.


Demonetization boon or curse?


Demonetization boon or curse?

Demonetization is a step towards banning the old note of 500 and 1000 so that the amount of black money in our country can be diminished and black money holders can be put behind bars.

People in the country are having different views regarding this step of the government.Some people are supporting this decision and some are against.But due to this decision of Modi ji public of India is suffering a lot and facing a lot of problems in their daily routine shopping and trading.

People are expecting to hear some news from the Prime minister about the solution of cash scarcity & some are expecting relaxation in tax policies. Currency change alone seems not enough to make the economy strong. several steps are needed to be taken in order get blackmoney out of people’s pocket & make the rupee stronger.